Oceans Six Condominium Market Snapshot. April 2017

Oceans Six Market Snapshot

Oceans Six, built in 1993 is one of the later built condominiums in the Oceans Family. This 17-story 120-unit oceanfront condominium in Daytona Beach Shores was built by Bellmead Development Corp.

It is a popular building partially because they have an indoor pool in addition to an outdoor pool. Even tough are winter are by far not cold, it still may be not enticing to swim under open air.

It is sister building to a bigger Oceans Eight, but the amenities, the layout of the units, the look of the building are nearly identical.

Active for sale on April 20, 2017 – 5 units total

There are four active listings in Oceans Six. The inventory is low, and it is one of the reasons the prices increased significantly.

No 3 bedroom units for sale at this time. Lowest priced 2-bdroom direct oceanfront unit is $319K and the highest price 2 bedroom unit is $359K.

3 units are on 02 stack, north side of the building, excellent view of the ocean and the river, and water view from every room. There is nothing wrong with stack 02, it is simply a coincidence.

Sales in 2014  – 5 units total

Two 2-bedr units for $284K, $286K;

Three 3-bedr units$299K, $320K and $345K.

Sales in 2015  – 7 units total

Fewer units were sold than in 2016, but prices were higher. Difficult to believe, but two 3-bedroom units were sold for the least amount of money in 2015. One for $225K and another for $230K. These were bad sales.

Lowest priced 2-bedroom 3rd floor condo for $247,250, and the highest priced for a 2 bedroom unit was $302,500K.

Sales in 2016  – 12 units total

Prices for a two-bedroom direct oceanfront unit started from $255K. The highest price 2 bedroom unit on the 14th floor was sold for $335K.

The lowest priced 3-bedroom unit was sold for $300K. And the highest priced unit sold in 2016 was a 3-bedroom direct oceanfront corner unit for $439,500.

12 sales in 2016 represent a significant increase from year 2015, when there were 7 units sold in Oceans Six.

Sales in 2017 until April 20, 2017 – 1

2-bedr condo for $376K.

Pending/Contingent – 1 unit

3-bedr not oceanfront unit priced at *$376K

Trends are better seen in comparison, and what would be a better comparison than Oceans Eight, which is a sister condo. Check their statistical data for the same periods here.

This concludes our Oceans Six Market Snapshot for April 2017.

Follow this link to see the information about Oceans Six and all active listings with details.

*We do not know the contract price for Pending/Contingent, and the price noted is the Listing Price.

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