Where All The Calls About Real Estate Go?

Living by the ocean walking on the beach is logical. We believe we are logical people, so, we walk.

We were walking on the beach today when the call came at 7:30. I answered the phone, and the gentleman of the other end said it was a wrong number…

3 minutes later another call came from the same number. This time the gentleman explained that he made the reservation, and simply wanted to make sure that everything was OK.

Well, the simple thing is tell the guy that he is calling the wrong number and keep walking. But I asked him which resort he was trying to find.

Well, it was Oceanside Inn, so I gave him the number for the front desk of Oceanside Inn. I knew the number…

Here I could use some drums and some pumping on the chest, but reality is simple. Yes, I know a few phone numbers of Front Desks of condo-hotels, but that is it, so I can survive without the fanfares 🙂

Anyway, we completed our 10K walk (kilometers, not miles 🙂 and I forgot everything about the calls.

At 11 PM I am leaving my phone in the bedroom and go to watch TV. At 12:03 AM I hear my phone buzzing, and I am sprinting from the living room to my bedroom, grabbing the phone, but it is over, The area code looks very familiar, I remember the guy, who called me about Oceanside.

I called back, because people usually do not call after midnight without a compelling reason. So, I called… The guy answered and told me that it was a mistake, and that he was sorry…

OK. I am back to watching TV, but the phone goes off again. I am sprinting to the bedroom, I am a second late, and I see that it was from the same number. What if we were sleeping? Why would someone be calling me after midnight again and again? I called back, waited, the gentleman took the phone but he was quiet.

I started speaking into the silence. I told him that I really loved to help him. Getting 4 calls from him means that he needed help, so I was telling him not to feel bad, and tell me how I could help him.

I could give him the number for the Resort again if he had lost it… he finally responds that he dialed by mistake, and he was sorry. It was simply a mistake.

Seems like he saw the area code of Daytona, and he  dialed without any concern for the rest of the number.

What if back on the beach I just told him “Wrong number” and hanged up, would it make my life less complicated?

Or it is the other side of being on the first page of Google with any condo name in the area?

I am getting a bunch of calls about registrations, and vacancies, and it happens every day. What I would really like to know is who is getting all the calls about buying condos?

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