And a Cup of Morning Coffee on Your Balcony…

Surprisingly some of the statements about Daytona Beach oceanfront condos are not exactly true. You would keep reading remarks in our MLS about sitting on the balcony with a cup of morning coffee watching dolphins play.

Well, if this is what you plan on doing when you move here, think twice. I guarantee that you would drastically cut on your coffee consumption, which even might be good for you 🙂

Dolphins do come and play, and we see them time from time, but if we do not have schools of bait fish by the shoreline, you are not going to see dolphins for days and, maybe, weeks.

But if you are reading remarks for listings in local MLS, this is what you would often find about Daytona Beach oceanfront condos.

We are the lucky ones, we live on the ocean, and we go to the ocean in the morning for a long swim, so I have plenty of opportunities to watch those relaxed people with a cup of morning coffee on the balcony.

Do you know how many I usually see?


You would only see people on the balconies in hotels and resorts. Yeah, tourists are on the balcony.

Locals – not so much.

Don’t ask me the reason why, I do not know.

Is it unbearable being on the balcony? Too hot, too humid? Actually, in the morning  (and in the evening) – no. Ocean breeze makes it nice, so for the most part of the year weather is not a problem.

But if the listing notes that there is no balcony, then people often would walk away from the deal. Balconies are of paramount importance for the very people, who would then not use them…

Well, who’s talking?

We have a balcony, and no, I do not drink my morning coffee on the balcony. The only time I step out to the balcony is when there is a beautiful sunset over the Halifax River and we have plenty of them. UV filters on the glass distort the color, so I like to see sunsets from the balcony… but no morning coffee for me.

Go figure…

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