Bellair Condos in Daytona Beach. April 2018

Bellair Condos

There are 6 units for sale in Bellair Condos as of April 13, 2018.

Starting price is $65K for a small studio and all the way to $299,900 for a top floor penthouse with 360-degree panoramic views of the ocean and the Intracoastal.

3 one-bedroom units, 2 of them are $89,900, and one is for $110K, and then 1 two-bedroom for $110K. 2 units are under contract now.

A clear sign of changing market. Just 2-3 years ago you could buy a 2-bedroom unit for the price of today’s one-bedroom.

But when these two units are gone, then the price for one-bedrooms would be over $100K. Yet another step in the direction of higher prices.

And it is still not the Seller’s market. Not yet. Zillow shows that the Daytona is warming up and just passed the 50/50 Buyer and Seller market mark. A couple of months we were on the 50/50 mark, so, yes, the market is changing.


No units sold in 2018 yet.

In 2017 9 units changed hands
2016 – 12 units sold.
2015 – 13 units sold
2014 –   9 units sold
2013 –   9 units sold
Daytona condo prices

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