$200,000 to $275,000 2-bedr Ormond Beach Oceanfront Condos

Currently, there are 17 two-bedroom condo units in 12 buildings on the ocean for sale in Ormond Beach/Ormond-by-the-Sea.

From a small (876 sf) unit in Seabridge North for $205,000 to a 7th floor unit in Shoreham for $269,000.

The market is very active, 13 units are under contract at this time.

From the beginning of the year, 6 units got new owners in this price range, so there are quite a number of closing ahead of us. Numbers show that we might beat last year in the number of sales unless a low inventory would prevent it from happening.

In the same period of 2017, 8 units were sold.

In 2017 39 units in Oceanfront condos were sold in Ormond Beach/Ormond-by-the-Sea.

39 units were sold in 2017
40 units were sold in 2016
34 units were sold in 2015
31 units were sold in 2014
25 units were sold in 2013
16 units were sold in 2012

Yes, we see that the number of units sold in this price range has increased from 2012, and quite dramatically.

Part of it is that prices are going up, and this price category was growing because of this, but until now this growth was not very dramatic.

We are still very affordable compared to other areas of Florida.

Note: In this area some of the condo buildings are on the east side of A1A, and some are on the west side of A1A. Both are called Oceanfront.

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