Daytona Beachside Сondos for Sale

Beachside Сondos in Daytona Beach area

There are currently 1,136 condos for sale in Daytona Beach area as per our Daytona MLS. 369 of them are beachside Daytona area condos. Lowest price is $59,900 for a 344 sf-studio. The condo building is across the street from the ocean, and the unit has a view of the ocean.

From $59,900 prices go all the way up to a $4-Mil oceanfront penthouse in 3 levels, where you own 2 full floors and rooftop. Magnificent, yet seriously overpriced condo… Needless to say, that next highest priced condo is $1,125,000.

We are not anywhere close to Miami both geographically, and price-wise, so out of all 369 beachside condos only 5 are $1 Mil or more.

Which in plain English tells you that our condos are still affordable.


172 condos sold since the beginning of this year.
159 condos sold in 3 first months last year

In 2017 771 beachside condos changed hands.
In 2016 773 beachside condos changed hands.
In 2015 710 beachside condos changed hands.
In 2014 703 beachside condos changed hands.

Pretty much in the last two years no real change, no dynamics. Should we call it unstable stability? Does anyone believe we will end up this year the same way?

If we look at first three months of this year and compare to the same period last year, we see the increase, while not a very big one. Coming quarters may show an increase in sales, but for now, it is a waiting game.

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