Condo Market in Daytona Beach Shores. June 2017


Based on data from Daytona MLS, there are only four 1-bedroom condos for sale in Daytona Beach Shores at this time. Starting price $145,900 for an 866 sf 3rd floor unit in Sandpoint. Built in 1984. Great for rentals with 1 week minimum rent limitation.

Next is a 600 sf 5th floor condo unit for $159,900 in Sunglow Resort Condo, which many consider a condo-hotel, while it is not. It is located next to Sunglow Pier. Built in 1985. Great for rentals. Rental restriction is only 1 day, the most liberal.

Next is an identical  (in terms of size and layout) unit on the 9th floor in Sunglow for the same $159,900. Built in 1985.

And the last on the list is the nicest: a 895 sf condo on the 11th floor in prestigious Oceans Atrium for $229,900. Has indoor and outdoor pool, atrium, scenic elevator, excellent location across street from Daytona Beach Shores Publix Supermarket. Built in 1986. Minimum rental – 1 month.


15 one-bedroom condos were sold in the preceding 12-month period. Price range from $125K in Sunglow to $227K in Royal Atlantic.


So far in 2017 8 condos changed hands. Price range from $139K to $195K.


In 2016 20 one-bedroom condos were sold starting from $92,500. 2 units in Sunglow were sold for $102K, so the prices were noticeably lower than asking prices now.


24 condos changed hands in 2015. Prices started from $65K.


11 condos changed hands in 2014. Starting price was $96K. Higher than in 2015. And fewer units sold.


14 condos changed hands in 2013. Prices started from $70,250.


13 units sold in 2013 starting from 96K.


14 units sold starting from $65K. 8 condos out of 14 were sold for less than $100K.


2011 was the year with lowest prices. Today’s prices are double the prices of 2011 or even higher.

Prices started slowly going up and in the last couple of years it is quite noticeable. This year, while still slow, has the indication of a quiet time before the storm. Prices are up, but the inventory is awfully low.

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