Plaza Resort & Spa Today and 10 Years of Sales

Plaza Resort & Spa Today and in the Past


Plaza Resort & Spa is a premium oceanfront condo-hotel in the heart of Daytona Beach. The resort enjoys excellent location close to Ocean Center, Ocean Walk village, Seabreeze with its bars and nightlife, bars and restaurants. It is by far one of the nicest condo-hotels in the area, but hard times affect even the best and the nicest. The Hotel was converted toa condo-hotel in 2005, at the peak of the real estate boom, and commanded the highest prices for units among all other condo-hotels in the area. A long real estate crisis might be over soon, and the signs of it are abundant, so there is hope for the better. meanwhile the prices of units on resale are pathetic.

Plaza Resort & Spa Today

Currently there are 21 condo-hotel units for sale in the Plaza Resort & Spa according to Daytona Beach MLS.

Starting from $36,300 to $79,900. And both the lowest priced and the highest price units are studios.

7 units for sale for less than $40,000 – the lowest prices for condo-hotel in the area, and this is the premium condo-hotel. Go figure…

4 units priced between $40K and $50K.

3 condos priced between $50K and $69,999.

4 units priced between $60K and $70K.

2 units in the $70s…

Sales in the last 10 years

2020    15 units sold.  Prices from $27K to $75K

2019    8 units sold.    From 32K to $69,900

2018    10 units sold.  From $25K to $60K

2017    14 units sold.  From $28K to $87K

2016    23 units sold.  From $30K to $70K

2015    22 units sold.  From $25K to $63K

2014    20 units sold.  From $34K to $93K

2013    19 units sold.  From $47,500 to $109K

2012    42 units sold.  From $42K to $92K

2011    26 units sold.  From $35K to $110K

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