Oceanside Inn. Prices, Oh, My…

Oceanside Inn Prices

There are 15 active listings of units for sale in Oceanside Inn. Prices start from $37,900 for a studio and go all the way to $184,900 for a second largest penthouse 1 bedroom direct oceanfront unit for $184,900.

It is a sizable gap between the priciest unit and next in line for $138,500 for a full one bedroom first floor unit with direct access to the pool are and the beach, 14’ ceiling, and quiet central air…

There are 3 units under contract, which is a big number. They are all double units. Asking price was $50K, $54,900 and $55K. I would expect the selling prices to be lower by 6-10% on average.

I imagine the joy of Board Members as this is showing that the market is moving. I would not rush with joy, as so far we are talking of a price per rentable room at less than $30K, somewhere between $25K and $26K-$27K.

Prices at Oceanside Inn are still very low. By unit price it starts from #5 lowest prices of all 140 area condo-hotel units.

So if the Board wants to be proud, be my guests.

Still better than nothing 🙂

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