Ocean Walk Wyndham Resort. Market Snapshot

Last time I wrote about Ocean Walk Resort in October 2011, so I felt like this is time to check what is happening in this premium oceanfront resort in the heart of Daytona’s beachside.

Ocean Walk Resort is the only condo-hotel in Daytona Beach, which is not a conversion from a hotel. The developer designed and built Ocean Walk Wyndham Resort like a condo-hotel , opening South Tower in 2001, and North Tower in 2004. This makes them the newest condo-hotels in Daytona Beach area.

Ocean Walk Resort is by far the nicest resort in the whole area. With world class amenities, it is as good as it gets. Good rooms, good building, best amenities in the area. If you are coming from Disney resorts, you will feel at home in Ocean Walk Wyndham Resort

There are two Towers, and today we are only looking at 19-story South Tower, built in 2001.

There are no studios in either Tower; all units are either one, or two-bedroom with just a few three-bedroom units. Solidly build quality building with world class amenities.

Unlike Plaza Resort & Spa, they did not have a rush of foreclosures, as they were sold before the market spiraled into the craze, so initial developer prices were not through the roof (even though they looked very high in 2001), and it had time to stabilize. Resale in 2005 and 2006 went crazy. Ocean Walk Resort had their share of hyped resales, but the fallout was not as intense as in some other condos and condo-hotels.

Below is the list of units for sale. If you compare it to units sold in 2011, you will see that prices have gone up. Not really significantly, and, of course, there is a gap between the asking and sold prices.

Ocean Walk Condos for sale in February 2012

But in any case, I do not believe we will see sold prices as low, as in 2011.

Ocean Walk Resort. Sold unit in 2011

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