The Call I am Afraid Of…

– I want to live in a condo-hotel

I get these calls often. It is always the story of a condo-hotel unit, that the caller loves because of the price, and now wants to use it as her/his primary. Where else can you get a place right on the ocean for under $50K?

This caller wanted to be on the beach and there was nothing that would stop her.

I am telling her that there is a reason why condo-hotel units are so inexpensive…

Telling her that the units are not for use as the primary residence…

I am telling her that so many before have tried it, and it did not work for them…

Telling her that it may be very noisy. A lot of people, a lot of noise. Not a quiet place.

And she would smile and say she loves when there are many people around. She loves life. She does not care about anything I say.

– I want to live in a condo-hotel.

Nothing that I say resonates. It is the opposite, it seems to reinforce her idea to do exactly that, to use the wrong type of property as a place to live.

– I want to live in a condo-hotel. Will you work with me; will you show me the units?

So, when she comes to Daytona, we set the time at 3 PM.

At 11:30 she calls says she is very anxious, and why don’t we do it earlier. Ouch, I am in the middle of the remodeling job, I have people, it is very inconvenient … Can we do it at 1 PM?

At 12:00 she calls again. She knows it is not 1 PM yet but she was impatient and she went there, and could I, please, come right away?

I am 10 min away. I dropped everything I was doing and I am rushing to a condo-hotel, which is only a few blocks away.

5 minutes later she called.

-What now? I am coming, give me just a couple more minutes.

– Don’t come. I am leaving. It is not for me.


– There are so many people, it is so freaking noisy, it is crazy. It is not for me.

As we speak, I am getting into the garage of the condo-hotel. It is Saturday, it is Jeep Beach event, hundreds of Jeeps are in the garage, each playing loud music. Tons of people are around, women, men, children…Everybody is happy, people having fun…

Elevators are packed, the pool is filled over capacity, BBQs are smoking hot, the beach is packed with Jeeps slowly passing the cheering crowd, there is this wonderful atmosphere …

Hmm, she saw that and got scared? But this is what she was longing for, this is what she was telling me would be more than just fine…

Some people love this atmosphere, but some think they do… and they don’t.

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