Buying a condo in Daytona

Buying a condo with your heart…

The Buyer is an engineer. He said he would be implying objective and scientific method, be analytical. I worked with engineers before. Alas, I do not believe in engineers buying condos. I do not believe in Excel buyers. You do not buy a vacation condo with Excel. You buy it with your heart.

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After all engineers do not buy condos. Women buy. And if a woman is leaving in the middle of the showing as she has stuff to do with a friend, and her husband stays with a spreadsheet, I know that she has voted not to buy, even though she may not even understand it at the moment.

I remember a customer, a financial guru, who called himself the Excel guy. I was showing him and his wife different condo buildings, and I was shocked by his inability to see past the spreadsheet, his total lack of instincts. They would look at the unit in Ocean Vistas, and then at unit in Oceans Grand, and while there is a huge difference between them, they would not even notice it.

Being a financial guru, he yet did not understand that while the deal in Ocean Vistas was exceptional, the price in Oceans Grand was a market price, and just 6 months later Ocean Vistas would be out of his price range…

They relied on Excel to tell them what was the best buy.

It was a few years ago, they have not bought yet. They have seen every condo building, which falls into their price range and in the location they want. And they can’t buy.

To me, whoever likes Ocean Vistas, is highly unlikely to like Ocean Grand, but they could not see the difference between condo buildings with their eyes wide open.

He trusted his Excel sheet as if it could magically give him the sense of direction.

LoveWhen I saw the sheet, that my engineer/client created, I told him that one column was missing. It should have been the first column. I would call it love. It is where the heart tells you something; it is where you fall in love…

Actually, unless you are an investor, who would not spend a day in this condo, this is the only column that matters.

Would you really base your buying decision on the model of the stove, when you are buying a $250K condo? New good stove is $1,000, so it is less than half a percent of the cost, and it would be the straw in making the decision?

Buying a condo is like marrying a beautiful girl. You marry because you fell in love with the girl. Did you marry her because of the sandals? Would you have married her if she wore different sandals?

Same with buying a condo. You either in love, or your heart is cold. If your heart does not sink, do not buy.

You can’t test love with a spreadsheet… You can’t fall in love because of the spreadsheet, either…

Women for the most part are so much better at buying than engineers. They are buying with heart… Unless their engineer/husbands persuaded them that the right way to buy is wrong 🙂

The only time you need a spreadsheet is when there is no love.

Trust your instincts, trust your heart.

Buying a condo with your heart is how you do it.

Don’t be afraid of falling in love.
Image by Mark Morgan via creative commons

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