Riverfront Condo For $27,900?

The Pendleton Club

I was not a witness to condo boom in the area. The biggest number of condos in the area came in the 70s and at that time I was a young man living in the Soviet Union and not even dreaming about the US. I wrote about The Pendleton Club […] Read more »

The Pendleton Condominium in Daytona Beach

The Pendleton

The Pendleton is a riverfront condominium with Boat Slips and dry boat parking and their own private ramp to set the boats on the water is a dream place for an outdoor activist. This is the rare condo, where you would see kayaks on the fence by the water, as […] Read more »

Pendleton Club in March 2018

Pendleton Club

Pendleton Club is an Intracoastal-front condominium, built in 1963. Yeah, in 1963, and it is, probably, had been better than any other building in Daytona Beach area. And dead serious saying it. There are 5 condos for sale at this juncture. Starting price for a 2-bedroom/2 bath is $129,900. Something […] Read more »

The Plaza Resort & Spa. What’s New?

Plaza Resort & Spa

The Plaza Resort & Spa I attended the annual meeting of condo owners Association at the Plaza Resort & Spa recently. I communicate with a lot of owners, and I feel a lot of frustration. But I wanted to see and hear the Board members, the management of the resort. […] Read more »

The Plaza Resort & Spa. Annual Meeting.

Plaza Resort & Spa

The Plaza Resort & Spa I have wanted to attend a meeting at the Plaza Resort & Spa for years now, but it somehow did not happen until very recently. It was an annual meeting, and you can read about the election here. Here I would like to pay attention […] Read more »

Daytona Beach Condos

Daytona Beach Condos

Here is some Daytona Beach condos trivia (if there is such thing as condo trivia 🙂 Usually, we include 7 municipalities in Daytona Beach. Locals know them, but people out of the area usually call everything Daytona Beach. Combined, these 7 municipalities have 274 condo complexes (buildings) with 21,964 units. […] Read more »

The Plaza Resort & Spa. Elections of the Board

Plaza Resort. Plaza elections

Plaza Elections I was very curious about the Plaza elections, as 100 condo units out of 323 units are in the hands of the lender, that got the property from the developer in a bankruptcy case. The lender now owns 100 condo units besides the commercial space and the operation […] Read more »

Any Condos For Sale in Danbury Breakers?

Danbury Breakers

Are There Condos For Sale in Danbury Breakers in Daytona Beach Shores? I receive calls and emails about particular condos in greater Daytona Beach area. I do not know why my callers are fascinated with a particular building, but too often, especially when it relates to smaller condos, the answer […] Read more »

MG on the Halifax. 3-Bedroom Units for Sale.

View from MG on the Halifax

3-bedroom condos for sale in MG on the Halifax MG on the Halifax is a unique two 26-story towers in Holly Hill just north of Seabreeze Bridge. 486-unit riverfront complex on 12 beautifully landscaped acres is one of the last condo projects built before the crisis hit Daytona and hit […] Read more »

I Am Not In a Rush…

When to buy Daytona condo

I am not in a rush That’s what I hear again and again. Even when it makes no sense. I understand that this is said as some sort of protection from a pushy salesman… I am not in a rush … It is February, and in Daytona Beach area it […] Read more »

Palma Bella. A Market Snapshot

Palma Bella Condominium

Palma Bella Market Snapshot Palma Bella in Daytona Beach Shores is one of the nicest condos in the area. Built in 2007, it joined the ranks of a few real lusury condominiums. It had its share of problems when the market started falling, and there was quite a number of […] Read more »