Selling your condo…

Daytona Condo Realty is a small, family operated real estate firm that specializes in the Greater Daytona Beach condominiums and condo-hotels. For over a decade, we have been helping clients buy and sell these properties. We know every building and have probably been to every type of condo unit over the years. We also understand how to market condominiums to buyers who are seeking these properties.

In brief, this is what the process of selling with us looks like:

  • We provide an honest assessment of the value of your condo as it is.
  • We make recommendations on what may need to be done to get the condo into a more immediately lovable state. This could range from simple clean-up and de-clutter recommendations to full-fledged remodeling, which we’ll gladly help you plan and supervise.
  • High quality professional photography, as well as any staging that might need to be done.
  • Marketing your condo in every portal where consumers go in search of real estate, as well as in condominium-specific search portals and publications.
  • Timely and efficient handling of all the paperwork, making sure every detail is taken care of, and interface with all other parties: buyer, lender, buyer’s agent, escrow company, title company, et. al.
  • We’ll keep you updated throughout the process by whatever means you want us to and on your schedule.

If this suits you, give us a ring, text, or email, and let’s get started. If you are not ready for a conversation but simply want to know what your condo might sell for, fill out this quick form below and we’ll email you our best guess at what the market will bare, no strings attached.

Jon Zolsky


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