Oceanside Inn

1909 S Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118

  • YEAR BUILT …1973
  • STOREYS …9
  • Units…121
  • INCOME SPLIT… 50% to owners

Oceanside Inn Resort

Oceanside Inn is a premier condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. It is a property of great potential, but so far not realized. Resort is a fancy name, it is just a condo-hotel.

There are 121 condo-hotel rental unit. Altogether 191 guest rooms. Some units consist of 2 and even 3 rooms. The resort can rent all 191 rooms separately. The building came up in 1973. In 2003-2004 it was converted into a condo-hotel, underwent remodeling and started its second life.

SunStream, the company, that used to own and run the Front Desk, sold their 2 commercial units to the Condo Association about 3 years ago, which may be the blessing or the curse. Unfortunately so far it looks more like a curse…

About the Resort

The resort has an inside corridor system, 9-story condominium with 191 rooms, from studios to triple units. The majority of units are double units. Double and triple units you can only buy and sell together, but rooms can be rented separately.

All units in the resort offer a decent view of the ocean.

Double units are two side-by-side hotel rooms with connecting doors. However, both rooms have entry door from the hallway. Each room with its own bathroom. Triple unit consists of 3 studios with connecting doors.

One has a kitchenette with a counter, cabinets, sink, under counter fridge, microwave and coffeemaker… The other does not have a kitchenette but all owners put here small fridge, microwave and coffee- maker. In Triple units only the central unit has a kitchenette.

Resort amenities:

Heated (currently the heaters do not work) oceanfront pool, wading pool for kids, conference room which is not operational now because of the remodeling, small exercise room, breakfast area and Tiki Bar. One of the highest if not the highest Association dues for condo-hotels in the area. Practically, besides the oceanfront pool, no other amenities are working. The reason – the remodeling, but little to nothing is done buy the Board in the last 2 years. And if it stays like this, the prospects are bleak.

The Board of Directors

The Association is supposed to have 3 Board Members, but it has either only the President Grady MeeksThe current Board of Directors is something fictional: there is the President-Dictator Grady Meeks who is ruling either alone or with one obedient puppet. Rarely two. The bright potential of the property with Grady Meeks is a fantasy. The Association needs to get rid of this mediocre at best President serving his own interests, and get some fresh Directors with brains and willingness to help owners.

Important Policies


No pets policy even though I see quite a few guests and owners bringing their dogs.

Rentals by Owners

Owners are only allowed to rent on their own if the guest stays 3 months or more. Funny, but the President, who breaks every rule in the books insists on this policy, even though it is simply does not make sense. It is one thing when the Front Desk belonged to an outside company, and it is totally different situation when the Association, i.e. owners are now the owners of the Front Desk and the rentals.

Properties for Sale in Oceanside Inn

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