Palma Bella. A Market Snapshot

Palma Bella Market Snapshot

Palma Bella in Daytona Beach Shores is one of the nicest condos in the area. Built in 2007, it joined the ranks of a few real lusury condominiums.

It had its share of problems when the market started falling, and there was quite a number of unsold units.

But it is all in the past. There are no developer’s units for a long time already.


Presently there are 5 units for sale in Palma Bella*.

Starting price $487,654 for a side unit and all the way to $885,000 for a premium oceanfront corner unit.
Sales in the building are brisk, there are 2 units under contract, so it is a lot of activity.

Monthly duesare $775.

Taxes for a direct oceanfront unit are about $15K. High? But don’t forget that we do not have State income tax. Somehow the government need to get their money 🙂


14 condos in 2017
7  condos in 2016
5  condos in 2015
3  condos in 2014
3  condos in 2013


Notice how the level of activity changes. In 2017 it is a big jump. We might expect a similar level of activity this year. Hardly higher, as there would not be enough inventory, however, we all know that when this happens, the prices tend to go up.
* The link will be available for 90 days. If you run into it after the expiration, contact me.

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