Have I Sold Any Units In This Condo Building?

We were showing a condo in Daytona Beach Shores to out-of-state Buyers the other day, and they asked me whether I have sold units in this building. Hmm, have I sold any units in this condo building?

And I said “No”…

How come?

If I specialize in condos in Daytona Beach area, how come I have not sold a unit in this high-rise condo?

There are 274 condominiums in Daytona Beach Area. Quite a few, where we sold condos, and there are quite a few, where we never sold a condo.

There are quite a few condos, where we sold more than one unit and there are quite a few where we sold way more than that.

What answer would satisfy my buyer? There is not a single agent/broker who sold a unit in every condominium building. I doubt there is a single brokerage, that can brag that they have sold in every condo in the last 20 years…

The reason we showed this condo was because the Buyer has specifically requested to see units there. Requested showing from my website. it was not my choice.

The buyer did not really like the condo building and the units there.

I am predominantly a Buyer broker. Which means that if my clients do not like a particular building, I do not get a sale in this building. So, one of the reasons I have not sold a unit there is because when buyers request the showing in this building, like in this case, they end up not buying a unit there.

We pride ourselves that we know the condos. Which means that when you ask us to help with finding the condo for you, we take it seriously, and then put together a short list of condos, that we believe are the best fit for you.

Some condos make this list, and some don’t.

So, no, I have not sold a unit in every condo out there.

And there is nothing wrong with that.


We sold enough condos in the area to understand common issues. We have experience to look for signs, which only comes with experience. It does not mean knowing every tiny detail. However, it means that we  know where to look and what to look for, what to anticipate. We know the right questions to ask…

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