Marina Grande in September 2017

MG on the Halifax. Market Snapshot. September 24, 2017.

MG on the Halifax is a 2-tower condo development.

31 condo for sale. 15 of them are 2-bedr/2 baths, and 16 are 3-bedr/3 baths units.

Prices for 2-bedr start from $200K, and this price is greatly reduced. Listed in April for $265K, and now the asking price is $200K.

Next lowest priced condo is $240.

Practically no difference between those prices and starting prices for 3 bedroom condos. Lowest priced unit is $250K and going all the way to $639,900 for a direct riverfront condo on the 23rd floor.

Market is changing. Nothing dramatic, but prices keep inching up. This $200K unit is a reminder of the prices a year ago, but then you could get even for a bit under $200K and there were a few of those. Now there is only one, and when it is gone, we are in mid $200s and up. A change from relatively recent past.

We expect this trend to continue.

Wanted to mention that Marina Grande is active market. 40 sales in the preceding 12 months. Starting price of sold units was from $181,000 for a second floor 2-bedroom unit, and $250K for a 3-bedroom unit.

In the same period a year earlier there were 42 units sold in MG on the Halifax.

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