A friend from California makes his first trip to Florida. He flies to his son in Naples, finds a condo and puts it under contract.

And then he comes to us in Daytona to visit us. He did not call and ask for advice, which is surprising, but it is fine. At a dinner table, the whole purchase thing comes up and turns out our friend is stunningly naïve to the whole buying process. He can’t answer any question that we ask, he smiles, everything would be just fine, he relies on his agent.

Overall it seems like a pretty good condo and everything should be fine.

He goes back to to Californoa, a couple of days later we are on the phone, and, by the way, he canceled the contract…


There is no reasonable explanation. There is no unreasonable explanation, either. It is a lot of money, blah, blah, blah… As if it was less expensive when he signed the Contract.

The only thing – his intuition. He says that he relies on his intuition. Wow… 2 days ago he did not seem to have any intuition whatsoever.

I feel bad for him. He would eventually come back to this idea again, but in Florida fast-changing market he would, probably, have to pay more for a similar condo, or compromise on size or location… I feel bad for the agent who spent time and did not deserve a nonchalant attitude…

I am puzzled. To me, intuition is when I know something so well, that I can decide without sitting and analyzing. It is experience, expertise, you name it.

So, while I can do it when talking about condos that I know well, I can’t when it is not something I really know.

I have no intuition about cars, and, actually, about anything else, besides what I do for living…

If that intuition thing were really the case, he wouldn’t have signed the contract in the first place.

Where was his intuition then?

I am a condo broker in Daytona Beach area, and in some places here I have intuition, of what I call the sixth sense. And I am afraid of “intuitive” buyers with 20/20 hindsight 🙂

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