Plaza Resort & Spa 1st Quarter Market Report

The Plaza Resort. What's New?

Plaza Resort & Spa 1st Quarter Market Report Inventory 30 condo-hotel units for sale as of April 2, 2017. Starting price $34,900 for a city view studio to $89,500 for an ocean view studio. Actually, there are direct oceanfront studios for less than $89,500. There are 8 direct oceanfront condo-hotel […] Read more »

How is Oceanside Inn Doing? February 2017

Oceanside Inn condo-hotel

Couple of days ago I posted Glimpse at Market Conditions at Oceanside Inn I received a call form someone curious about condo-hotels. He read my blog post, and yet, I could see that he had difficult time navigating in this field. He was asking about the comparison. It is not […] Read more »

Plaza Resort & Spa. January 20, 2017

Plaza Resort & Spa. Lobby

Plaza Resort & Spa. Market Outlook for 2017 Active Listings 24 Active Listings in Plaza Resort & Spa. Starting asking price $35K for a unit with City View. One ocean view studio for $49,900; Then 11 ocean view studios in the $50s; 7 units in the $60s with 5 of […] Read more »

Plaza Resort & Spa. Glimpse at the Market

Plaza Resort & Spa. Pool

Plaza Resort and Condo-Hotel Market There is a recent post about condo-hotel market in Daytona Beach area. Of course, it is important to see a bigger picture when we try to look at particular condo-hotel, so I encourage you to read it, as what follows is simply the data about […] Read more »

Plaza Resort November 14, 2016. Market Snapshot

Plaza Resort & Spa. Pool

Plaza Resort November 2016 Market Report. This is my first blog post about The Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach after Hurricane Matthew. This was strong Hurricane and it left substantial damage. Plaza was not spared, and had visible damage, however, it was all not structural, so they have […] Read more »

Plaza Resort. September 2016

Plaza Resort & Spa

Plaza Resort & Spa is the premium condo-hotel in Daytona Beach. While there are a lot of things happening, today we will concentrate of the numbers see what the trends are. Units for sale: 24 units for sale as of today starting from $49K. Actually, 2 months ago, I got […] Read more »

Plaza Resort & Spa. Glorious Past

Plaza Resort. Plaza elections

The history… Market reports, listings… Market reports, listing…  how boring… I am looking at The Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, and I ponder about its past… A few years ago my Moscow friend from school and college years sent me a photo of Hotel Clarendon on one Sunday […] Read more »