Magic of Lights in Daytona Beach

Magic of LightsMagic Lights

From November 17 and through the Holidays Daytona International Speedway was hosting the Magic of Lights. The event is run by FunGuys Events and this year it is in 7 cities. What made it attractive for the company is that they have 1.5 mile long road to place the displays, many of which are animated.

Magic Lights 1

It is an evening show, from dusk to 10 P.M. You come in a car, pay $25 (more for cars with more than 3 rows of seats) and there you go. We invited our friends, and being a bit skeptical, went on a ride through this sea of lights.Not only these installations are beautiful, but many move creating this ever-changing surrounding.

Magic Lights 2

Magic of Lights  turned out to be a fascinating ride. I rolled down the window, and was taking pictures from a moving car, but camera sees it very different from what a human eye sees.

Hope they will come here next year and years to come.


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