Summer Coming to Daytona. June 2017

Summer coming to Daytona

Summer Coming to Daytona. It is June. Temperatures are in the upper 80s on the beachside, and hitting 90s in the mainland Daytona Beach area. The turtle season is active, and today I saw 3 new nests on our beach. Water in the ocean is in the upper 70s, and […] Read more »

Loving Nature…

Seagulls in Daytona

Do We Love Nature? To tell you the truth, it is a silly question. It is like asking whether we like the air we breathe. For the most part we need to minimize human interference in Nature. And that would equal loving nature. When I see doofuses feeding bread to […] Read more »

Hard Rock Hotel is Coming to Daytona Beach

Desert Inn

Hard Rock Hotel is Coming to Daytona Beach…Yet Again After a lot of hype, a lot of enthusiastic articles about this huge project for Daytona Beach, where Canadian investors from Bayshore Capital were going to build Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock Café on a 10-acre oceanfront lot. This was […] Read more »

Turtle Season is Back on Florida Beaches

Baby Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Season is Back on Florida Beaches May 1 is the beginning of the Sea Turtle season on the beaches of Florida and in Volusia County where Daytona Beach is. “All of the world’s sea turtles are designated as either endangered or threatened and are protected by state, federal […] Read more »

Daytona is Jeeping Today…

Jeep Beach 2014

The beginning of this week started with the Jeep-siege of Daytona. Jeeps were everywhere. On the roads, on the International Speedway, on the Beach… The biggest Jeep event in the nation started only 7 years ago, and the first one attracted only a few hundred of Jeeps. In 2016 there […] Read more »

Are Floridians Smart?

If you check Flagler Today Online, you would dive into a heated discussion of vacation rental, a ferocious opposition of residents to the Florida House Bills limiting the powers of counties and municipalities in regard to regulating short-term rentals. Actually, there was time when the State took away the powers […] Read more »

Fall in Daytona Beach

Towers Grande

I love the Fall in Daytona Beach. The temperatures comfortably in the mid to upper 80s, and it is a welcome change from even low 90s. It is comfortably warm. The water in the ocean is still warm, and you can be outdoors pretty much the whole day… I find […] Read more »

Plaza Resort & Spa. Glorious Past

Plaza Resort & Spa

The history… Market reports, listings… Market reports, listing…  how boring… I am looking at The Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, and I ponder about its past… A few years ago my Moscow friend from school and college years sent me a photo of Hotel Clarendon on one Sunday […] Read more »

And a Cup of Morning Coffee on Your Balcony…

Sunset over Halifax River from Daytona Beach oceanfront condos

Surprisingly some of the statements about Daytona Beach oceanfront condos are not exactly true. You would keep reading remarks in our MLS about sitting on the balcony with a cup of morning coffee watching dolphins play. Well, if this is what you plan on doing when you move here, think twice. […] Read more »

I Look Cool in Lamborghini

Fun in Daytona. Rent Lamborgini

It is all about fun in Daytona. When I go to Boca Raton or Miami, I am fascinated by all those super fancy cars. Sometimes it seems that their low end is an S-Class Mercedes… But it is in South Florida. Not in our neck of the woods. I was […] Read more »