Ocean Walk. A Condo or a Condo-Hotel?

Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort Daytona

Ocean Walk. A Condo or a Condo-Hotel? An excellent question. Honestly, I do not have a definite answer. Let’s think about it. First of all, the term condo-hotel is not a legal term. It is a condominium if we are talking about the form of ownership and in this sense […] Read more »

How is Oceanside Inn Doing? February 2017

Oceanside Inn condo-hotel

Couple of days ago I posted Glimpse at Market Conditions at Oceanside Inn I received a call form someone curious about condo-hotels. He read my blog post, and yet, I could see that he had difficult time navigating in this field. He was asking about the comparison. It is not […] Read more »

Daytona Beach Condo-Hotel Market. Looking Back At 2016

Sand Dollar Condominium

Daytona Beach Condo-Hotel Market It is 2017. New year, new expectations, and new realities we will have to deal with. New President, new aspirations, a lot of changes… And while no one knows exactly what is ahead of us, we can still look back at how Daytona Beach Condo-Hotel Market […] Read more »

Oceanside Inn. Sales Comparison 2015 & 2016

Oceanside Inn condo-hotel

It is end of the year, and it is common to look back at the year, which is ending soon, and see how condo-hotels in Daytona Beach Shores fared in 2016 and how the market changed since a year before. So we are comparing 2015 and 2016. There are 4 […] Read more »

Oceanside Inn in Daytona. Do Numbers Mean Anything?

Oceanside Inn condo-hotel

Once in my younger life I was fascinated with the idea of a black box. It can be anything, and enterprise, a device. You do not know how it works, but you are analyzing the input and output, and based on that you can make pretty relevant statements about the […] Read more »

Plaza Resort & Spa. Glorious Past

Plaza Resort. Plaza elections

The history… Market reports, listings… Market reports, listing…  how boring… I am looking at The Plaza Resort & Spa in Daytona Beach, and I ponder about its past… A few years ago my Moscow friend from school and college years sent me a photo of Hotel Clarendon on one Sunday […] Read more »

And a Cup of Morning Coffee on Your Balcony…

Sunset over Halifax River from Daytona Beach oceanfront condos

Surprisingly some of the statements about Daytona Beach oceanfront condos are not exactly true. You would keep reading remarks in our MLS about sitting on the balcony with a cup of morning coffee watching dolphins play. Well, if this is what you plan on doing when you move here, think twice. […] Read more »

Daytona Condo-Hotels

Hawaiian Inn Beach Resort

Daytona Condo-Hotels (aka Hotel Condos, Resort Condos or Condotels). What are Condo-Hotels? Basically Daytona Condo-hotel is a hotel, where rooms are owned by individuals or legal entities, and are recorded as condos in the county records. Owners own their rooms (units), and share undivided interest in common areas. Condominium is […] Read more »