The Plaza Resort & Spa. Elections of the Board

Plaza Resort. Plaza elections

Plaza Elections I was very curious about the Plaza elections, as 100 condo units out of 323 units are in the hands of the lender, that got the property from the developer in a bankruptcy case. The lender now owns 100 condo units besides the commercial space and the operation […] Read more »

Fountain Beach Resort. Market Snapshot. December 2017

Fountain Beach Resort

Fountain Beach Resort in December 2017 There are 9 units in Fountain Beach Resort (FBR)for sale and one market as Contingent as of December 18, 2017. 5 studios, and 4 One-bedroom units. Contingent unit (310) is a studio. In FBR studios are basically hotel rooms. One-bedroom units were created by […] Read more »

Ocean Walk Resort. Market Snapshot. October 2017.

Wyndham Ocean Walk

South Tower 300 N Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, FL 32118 Active: Currently there are 6 condos for sale in the South Tower of Ocean Walk Resort. 4 one-bedroom units starting from $234,900, and 2 two-bedroom units starting from $369,900. Actually, one is for this price and the other is for […] Read more »

Ocean Walk Resort Market Snapshot. June 2017

Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort Daytona

Ocean Walk Resort market is changing, and the direction is the same like overall condo market in greater Daytona Beach area. Inventory is decreasing. No, the prices have not yet gone up wild, but this is probably in order in the near future… Not sure how near, as too many […] Read more »

Oceanside: Old trouble or new Start? June 10,2017

Oceanside Inn condo-hotel

Oceanside: old trouble or new Start? Let’s look what is happening in Oceanside Inn and compare it to other condo-hotels in Daytona Beach Shores. Oceanside Inn 17 units for sale. 14% of all units in the resort. 7% is considered healthy. 14% is double that rate. It resembles a sinking […] Read more »

Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center. May 2017.

Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center

Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center is an interesting condo-hotel. Sort of unique. It is definitely one of the nicest. On a par with The Plaza Resort & Spa. What is interesting – the fact that it was a very long conversion, as they still have about 60 unsold units. […] Read more »

Ocean Walk. A Condo or a Condo-Hotel?

Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort Daytona

Ocean Walk. A Condo or a Condo-Hotel? An excellent question. Honestly, I do not have a definite answer. Let’s think about it. First of all, the term condo-hotel is not a legal term. It is a condominium if we are talking about the form of ownership and in this sense […] Read more »

Daytona Area Condo-Hotels in Numbers

Hawaiian Inn Beach Resort

Daytona Condo-Hotels in Numbers There are 14 condo-hotels with 2,448 condo-hotel in Daytona Beach area. A brief description of a typical condo-hotel would be a property built and operated as a hotel, which at some point converted it into condominiums with the goal of selling units to individual owners, however, […] Read more »

Oceanside Inn. Prices, Oh, My…

Oceanside Inn condo-hotel

Oceanside Inn Prices There are 15 active listings of units for sale in Oceanside Inn. Prices start from $37,900 for a studio and go all the way to $184,900 for a second largest penthouse 1 bedroom direct oceanfront unit for $184,900. It is a sizable gap between the priciest unit […] Read more »

Fountain Beach Resort. Glance at the Market. April 2017

Fountain Beach Resort

Fountain Beach Resort Condos for sale 10 units for sale in the resort right now. Starting price $59,900. 3 units are practically at this price. Then 3 units are in the $60s, and remaining 4 are larger 1-bedroom units. Their prices start from $79,900 and then a big jump to […] Read more »

Plaza Resort & Spa 1st Quarter Market Report

Plaza Resort & Spa

Plaza Resort & Spa 1st Quarter Market Report Inventory 30 condo-hotel units for sale as of April 2, 2017. Starting price $34,900 for a city view studio to $89,500 for an ocean view studio. Actually, there are direct oceanfront studios for less than $89,500. There are 8 direct oceanfront condo-hotel […] Read more »