Who Should the Buyer in Florida Hire: Agent or Attorney?

Agent or Attorney

Real Estate Agent or Attorney? If you Google this question, you will see quite a few postings. Mostly from attorneys. And, you guessed it right, better to have the attorney than a real estate agent. They would dwell on how real estate agents are paid. That agents have interest in […] Read more »

I Want Top Floor…

Peck Plaza Condominium with top floor restaurant

– I want top floor I hear it quite often. We live on the 10th floor of a 17-story oceanfront condominium. Gorgeous view of the ocean to the east and the Halifax River to the west. We have it all. Newcomers usually want the top floor. Many people believe that […] Read more »

VA Approved Condos in Daytona Beach Area

VA approved condos in Daytona Beach Area

VA approved condos in Daytona Beach Area Here is the list of condos in Daytona Beach Area approved by the Veterans’ Administration. The list is taken from the VA official website. I am a bit confused by the list, as we have Yorktowne Estate and Yorktowne Villas, and the names […] Read more »

Whose Convenience?

Oceans Ten

This story is about listing Daytona condo. It started with a phone call. The guy on the other end has been reading my blogs on my website, and finally called. We are chatting about life, real estate, Daytona condos. He throws a list of criteria at me (nearly killing me […] Read more »

Two-Bedroom Beachside Daytona Condos. June 2017

10 best big cities to retire

Two-Bedroom Beachside Daytona Condos. There are 16 two-bedroom beachside Daytona condos for sale priced between $75,000 and $140,000. Here is the link to the information about them. 67 two-bedroom units changed hands in preceding 12-month period. 28 two-bedroom units have new owners since January 1 this year. In the same […] Read more »

Can I Show Your Daytona Condo?

Bristol Bay

To the Listing agent it sounds like a question we all would like to hear. Yes, I should be glad to show you this daytona condo… And yet, “of course you can” is not the first thing I say when I get a call. I ask the agents whether they […] Read more »

Oceans Eight Condominium Market Snapshot. April 2017

Oceans Eight. Pool Area

Oceans Eight Market Snapshot Oceans Eight, built in 1996 is one of the newest few buildings in the Oceans Family of 15 condos in Daytona Beach Shores. Built by Bellmead Development Corp, this 21-story 168-unit oceanfront condominium is a popular and generally more expensive together with oceans Six, than a […] Read more »

Oceans Six Condominium Market Snapshot. April 2017

Oceans Six Market Snapshot Oceans Six, built in 1993 is one of the later built condominiums in the Oceans Family. This 17-story 120-unit oceanfront condominium in Daytona Beach Shores was built by Bellmead Development Corp. It is a popular building partially because they have an indoor pool in addition to […] Read more »

Real Estate Absolutes That Aren’t…

Some of those are specific to condos. Like it got to be oceanfront only, no side view, or on the north side as the south side will be much hotter, view from oceanfront buildings is better than from buildings across street, or something else. Today we challenge the height. I […] Read more »

Oceanfront Condos in Palma Bella. Market Snapshot

Palma Bella Condominium

Palma Bella Market Snapshot. April 2017 There are 7 direct oceanfront condos for sale in Palma Bella in Daytona Beach Shores. Prices start from $657K for a 2nd floor unit and go to $733,950 for non-corner direct oceanfront units. There are also 3 direct oceanfront corner very large units (2,854 […] Read more »

1st quarter Daytona condo market report


1st quarter Daytona condo market report In this report we limited the scope of analysis to the following seven municipalities: Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, South Daytona, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet. These 7 municipalities are adjacent to one another and commonly referred to as Daytona Beach […] Read more »